In 2001, Sushi Umi opened as the first Japanese restaurant in Terre Haute. Originally a fourteen-table venue, we grew with our patrons’ support and moved to this larger location to provide a more modern and comfortable dining experience. The name was revised to showcase that Umi Grill is about experiencing Japan’s diverse and delicious cuisine in America’s heartland and not just the realm of raw fish and sushi. The word “Umi” was kept because it is the Japanese word for “ocean,” and Japan has always featured seafood as the center of its food preparation. Sushi was developed by the Japanese as a way to preserve food and this innovative style of cuisine has evolved into an art form today. Modern sushi is not only limited to raw fish, but also includes a variety of cooked ingredients. Umi Grill offers a variety of dishes ranging from fresh cut sashimi to our signature sautéed and grilled entrees. Below is a short guide to Japanese cuisine for first-time guests, but please, feel free to ask your server for more information and recommendations, especially about our daily specials. Most importantly, “Enjoy!”

or as they say in Japan, “Douzo Omeshiagari Kudasai!”